October 26

October 31st, day of the Halloweenies

So I learned I apparently supposed to prepare this blog for Halloween by adding a bunch of decorations to my blog, I decided to celebrate this in the best possible way – by changing my profile picture from a plate of waffles to a plate of pumpkin pie…


HAUNTED pumpkin pie. >:)


I also decided to pimp up mah crib (blog) by installing some of dem Spooky Scary Skeletons (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTgFtxHhCQ0) playing their little trumpets. I also added a bunch of text widgets to the side there, as you can see.

Now, for a Halloween Haiku:

Inhaling candy

Throwing it all up later

It’s snowing on Mt.Fugi


And I celebrate halloween like every other kid my age, giving out candy to the young ones.

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5 thoughts on “October 31st, day of the Halloweenies

  1. Tallula

    Hi Jared!
    I’m Tallula and was wondering why you chose to have the last line of your haiku as its snowing on Mt. Fugi. Would you mind explaining that to me?


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