October 16

Speak Up!

If you’re a kid, chances are, you most likely have problems. You could be bullied, lied to, discriminated against, and other stuff like that. Do you know how you could fix like ALL of these problems? Well, of course you know because

A. Adults keep telling you what to do and

B. It’s in the title of this blog post.

Speak up! You’ve tried the other options like hiding, fighting back, and trying to talk it out, but chances are that hasn’t really fixed the problem. You shouldn’t even have to speak up for yourself but all the other kids are to scared or “don’t wanna get involved” to stand up for you, so you’re stuck having to fix this yourself. It’s not hard, just speak up. Tell an adult, tell your teacher, tell your parents, tell ANYONE who has the power to make it stop. What’s that, you’re afraid of the bully getting angry at you and bullying you more? Most of the time that doesn’t even happen, most of the time the bully just stops. But if it does happen, you have 2 options.

1. Be really sneaky or

2. Tell an adult AGAIN

By now I’m sure you know the right choice. Speak up! Yeah that’s right, you can tell someone that somebody else is bullying you more than once! Crazy right!? So what have we learned? Speak up!

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2 thoughts on “Speak Up!

  1. tilgunas1

    I agree! (This is your mentor again.) Tell someone you trust, and if that doesn’t work, just keep telling someone until you are heard! You are worth it! If you want to add a Raise your Voice badge (and a Student Blogging Challenge badge) to your sidebar, the directions are here: Adding a Badge to your Sidebar


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