May 3

Genius Hour Blog 3: Return of the Code

Ok, so I’ve learned more code stuff, so here you go.

If you want to put a link on your website, you would have to put <a href= insert link here.> “Put words here” Then you end it with </a> So, to make “wow you should play snake it’s so fun” on your website using code, you would have to put

<a href=> “Wow you should play snake it’s so fun” </a>

Next is adding pictures. Let’s say you want to put up this picture of a moose:


You would have to put up <img scr=Image link />. Instead of ending it with another tag like all the others, you just end it by putting “/>” after the link. Now with these two new powers combined you can now make a picture of a moose take you to a game of snake!

<a href=> <img src= /> </a>

Pretty great! Now, you can also make lists! First start with the tag <ol> This shows that you want an organised list. Then make the stuff on the list, putting <li> before and </li> after each of them. It would look something like this:

<head> WHY I LIKE CATS </head>


<li>They’re cute </li>

<li>They’re really cute. </li>

<li> Like, they’re super cute. </li>


It would look like:


1. They’re cute

2. They’re really cute.

3.Like, they’re super cute.

You can also make an unorganized list, with bullet points instead of number! Instead of the <ol> and </ol> tags put <ul> </ul> For example:


  • They’re cute and pretty
  • They’re loyal
  • They love to play
  • They can protect you.

That’s all for today chaps.


April 27

Genius Hour Blog 2: The code strikes back

Update 2 oh boy. I’ll admit, not a lot of progress has been made yet. I have close to nothing to show for it. So far, all I have been doing are HTML programs on, mainly the one that teaches you about making a website. Like, for instance, if you were coding a website and you want to make the title to your website “Penguin Sock Farts,” you would have to type <title> Penguin Sock Farts </title>

Every time you type a command, like <p>, you always have to put </p> after it.  The <p> command shows the website that you’re starting a paragraph. The </p> command shows that you are ending it. If you want to start the body of your website, you’d have to type <body> then, when you end the body, you’d have to type </body>

But, before you do anything, you have to let the website know that you’re using html commands. To do this you must type <!DOCTYPE html> <html>

So, let’s see how the website is going so far:

<!DOCTYPE html> <html>


}           Penguin Sock Farts



}             <p>

}}                       I like PSF. Why? Because I am totally immature and something as random as PSF is

}}                       pretty funny to me.

}             </p>


And that’s good. But, let me let you in on a little secret. I what I’ve seen so far, it appears you don’t actually need so much space. You could code your website like:

<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <title> Penguin Sock Farts </title> <body> <p>  I like PSF. Why? Because I am totally immature and something as random as PSF is pretty funny to me. </p> </body>

It appears that the only reason that people put so much space in their code is for the sake of organization.



April 15

College visti

OOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooh wlep accidentaly erased my whole intor asparagus oh boi it’s just so fun to have to write this again oh boy whee doggy doo. So yesterday I got to visit Simpson College in Indionola. Was it fun? Nah. About as much fun as you can expect from lectures and tours. I think they told us what kind of person you have to be in the first lecture they gave us, buuuuuuuuuut I don’t really remember it much.

But really, what is the important stuff? Why should people go there? I’m supposed to find out so I’m going to research I guess. YYYYYYYYYYYYyyyyaay.

You can go to their college  by applying online, and I guess if they like you they apply you. Why should you go there? To get an education DUH. To graduate and get a job DUH. What kinda stuff do they have there? Squirrels. According to them, they have so much squirrels that people joke that it’s their mascot. They have cool pictures on every wall, giant mansions, food, they even have a coffee shop that sells Starbucks!

What was the best part of the trip? Lunch. They have an all-you-can-eat buffet there with Pizza, food, ice cream, food, cereal, food, they especially have food there. Oh and also they gave me a poster for some reason. So yeah. Will I go there? I don’t know. It depends on how life turns out for me.

April 1

Genius Hour Blog

Oh boy time for the mandatory Genius Hour Blog. :/

Why have you decided to focus on for your project?

Learn code.

Why is this topic important to you?

Because code is quickly getting more and more important in our everyday lives.

What are you goals for this project?

Make something with code.

How will you measure your goals?

Well, if whatever I make works like I want it too, then it’s good.

Well then, that appears to be all the questions for now. I guess I’m going to have to update this blog with how thing are going with it. yaaaaaay. Welp. Looks like I need about 50 words for this left, so I’ll just talk some more about code. This isn’t the first time I’ve tried to learn code, I actually received a book called “How to Code for Dummies.” But it was so formal and boring that I didn’t read it. But now that my grade depends on it, I guess I have to.


March 28

Spring Break (+ other options.)

Well, it looks like I’m back at EDUblogs again. Gotta say, it’s very enjoyable. I’ve been given 4 choices of what to write about, and I’ve decided to do them all!

“What did you do for Spring Break?”

Hm… nothing. I did almost nothing. Nothing important, at least. And that’s just how I like it!

“What do you hope to do this summer?”

Two things actually, A) Get a drivers permit and B) Get a job.

“Write about a debatable topic.”

Ok. Obviously, the two people who are going to be fighting to become president will be Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. So, who would you vote for? Pro-PC or Anti-PC? Really hard choice, I don’t believe that either of them are fit for president. I’d vote for Donald Trumps because I’m pretty sure the government would overrule the possibility of building a wall for being to costly and they wouldn’t let Trump ban muslims because that’s against human rights. However, they would surely let Hillary take out all her stupid PC choices.

“Free Choice.”

Hey, did you guys know that bagels are amazing? They taste good and if you add butter to them, just… mmm… so good… But why would you eat bagels if you could just eat donuts? They have like frosting on them, and like flavors and such, and SPRINKLES and it’s just soooooooooo goood…. so what do you prefer? Bagels or donuts?

And um… here’s a video about making bagels.

December 8

Blog Audit

Final blogging challenge, which may mean goodbye for this blog. Ah, whatever. Now that everyone’s finished Week 8 I doubt many people are going to see this anyway. So, here is my Audit:

-I made 8 posts, all of them made because of the blogging challenges.

-I received a total of 58 comments! That is a lot. Like a lot a lot. Thanks Bloggers!

-The post with the most comments was my Hamburgers post, which I think was because it had personality, fun little details, and overall a good time. 🙂

-The post with the least comments was my Speak Up post, which I guess is because kids don’t really like being told the same thing over and over again.

-The post I enjoyed writing the most would have to be either the Hamburgers post or the Nature is SCARY post. The Hamburger post was, again, an overall good time. And as for the Nature is SCARY post, it’s fun to be scared of everything.

-I never changed themes at all, as the Anarchy theme makes your blogs look like they’re written down, and I find that very fitting.

-I have 4 widgets. One on the side celebrating the Holidays and 3 at the bottom. I think this amount was fine and well.

  • “How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll?”

– I don’t really know what you mean by blogroll, so I won’t bother answering this one.

  • “Which web tools did you use to show creativity on your blog?”

– I’m not exactly sure what that means either, but I can guess. I used google images to get the picture of dem Spooky Scary Skeletons playing their little trumpets. I also used the CC thing to get pictures for some of my blogs.

Well, that’s about it. If this really is the end, thank you edublogs for the fun times.

November 17

Nature is SCARY

2 deers by

Everyone thinks nature is beautiful, and they can be right in some parts. Beautiful creatures roam free in the forest and occasionally do stuff unbelievably cute, but of course there is a bad side to everything good. Oh wait why am I trying to add suspense? You read the title, you know what I’m gonna talk about.

Gharial photo by

Nature is scary, OK? It’s full of beasts and carnivorous monsters. Just about everything can and will try to kill you. Even seemingly harmless stuff like grass can spread disease and kill you! Wanting to take a swim a lake or a river? WELP GUESS WHAT A CRAB JUST PINCHED YOU. You say it hurts? True, but just be glad that you don’t like near the Amazon. They’ve got some pretty mean piranhas! What about the beach? Oh no the sun just tried to kill you by giving you a sunburn. And – look over there! It’s a shark disobeying the rules of a cool summer by disrupting your good times! I’d run if I were you! Oh wait it was just a little rascal trying to scare you. Anyway…

The food chain is pretty scary too. Out there, it’s killed or be killed. I bet you’re thinking to yourself “well it’s a good thing I’m human!” Well, we follow the rules too. We kill animals for food. I bet you vegetarians and mystical internet deer are pretty proud of yourself, disobeying the rules. Well, I hate to break it to you, but plants are living things too. They’re just easier to catch.

Look at that beast up there! It looks like a literal nightmare to face (actually, it only eats fish, but I said looks). There is no way to stop the rule of survival. It’s unavoidable, impassible. And SCARY.

Oh and don’t even get me started on the sea creatures.

November 2


One of the most popular foods here in America is the world-famous Hamburger. Despite the fact that the hamburger wasn’t even made in America (that’d be Hamburg, Germany), America quickly fell in love with it faster than any other country. The hamburger is considered an “unhealthy and dangerous” food because most companies are more busy trying to make their hamburger taste good than trying to make it healthy.

You could make a hamburger yourself, all you need is beef, a grill, and buns. Just put the beef on the grill while it’s cooking, then when it’s done just slap the beef between the buns. That’s too plain for you? Try adding toppings! You can add stuff like ketchup, mustard, ketchup AND mustard, cheese (a hamburger with cheese on it is classified as a cheeseburger for some reason), pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, and so much other stuff!

And the best part about hamburgers BY FAR, is the fact that you can draw a smiley face with ketchup on your burger. 🙂 Have fun eating!

October 26

October 31st, day of the Halloweenies

So I learned I apparently supposed to prepare this blog for Halloween by adding a bunch of decorations to my blog, I decided to celebrate this in the best possible way – by changing my profile picture from a plate of waffles to a plate of pumpkin pie…


HAUNTED pumpkin pie. >:)


I also decided to pimp up mah crib (blog) by installing some of dem Spooky Scary Skeletons ( playing their little trumpets. I also added a bunch of text widgets to the side there, as you can see.

Now, for a Halloween Haiku:

Inhaling candy

Throwing it all up later

It’s snowing on Mt.Fugi


And I celebrate halloween like every other kid my age, giving out candy to the young ones.